“Antisemitism” is the weapon of choice for Psychological Warfare to silence all of us who demand a #FreePalestine!

Brexit seems almost a peripheral worry for anyone who realises and understands how powerful and dangerous the Israeli lobbies and their allies in the UK, as well as in the US, are with their unconscionable meddling in politics and destruction of lives.

If anyone in the UK still believes that Brexit will result in “taking back control”, sorry, but as long as governments permit War Criminal Israel cronies to mess with the domestic order of things, the UK will never “take back control”, and certainly not with a Tory government.

If you’ve not caught the drift yet, “Antisemitism” is a weapon of desperation used by Zionist-Fascist Israel purely and strictly to shut up and destroy anyone who calls them out on their Illegal Occupation, War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity of Palestinians in Palestine.

The true definition of “Antisemitism” should be: ‘Carte Blanche reprisal to publicly discredit and ruin any one person’s good character and respected reputation, who opposes Israel’s Apartheid Zionist-Fascist regime and criminal enterprise against Palestinians, by any means necessary, e.g. by flooding and manipulating mainstream & social medias with fabricated blatant lies and manufactured accusations, and, if all fails to intimidate and suppress “enemy of Israel”, devising and executing threats to life.’

It’s been a revolting, malicious “antisemitism” witch hunt against the Labour Party, and especially against Jeremy Corbyn, which has forced the party to lose respectable, valuable members and MPs. The relentless accusations, torment, bullying and harassment by the Pro-Israeli establishments and mainstream medias caused the Labour Party a lot of harm. Which was, and likely continues to be, the Pro-Israeli persistent intent, of course.

Mr Corbyn is a human rights advocate, who respects the inalienable rights of all human beings. He stayed focused and true to his principles since the start of the fabricated “Antisemitism” mudslinging in 2016, and during this brief campaign with the support of his party, because it’s a dangerously mean feat standing your ground against rogue Israel’s Zionist-Fascists plus dealing with this corrupt Tory government.

There are, or were, a few bad apples in the Labour Party, as well as of course among the other parties, who deliberately infiltrated to stir up the “Antisemitism” smear campaign shit storm.

It goes without saying that these Pro-Israel Apartheid Zionist-Fascists received a ton of self-righteous assistance from UK’s rabbi of rabbis, Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis. Who, according to this Mondoweiss article, is a Zionist rabbi, who learned his Torah at one of the Israeli Jewish settler-colonies in the West Bank, Palestine.

To me these vicious smear campaigns are absolutely stupefying. But I know exactly why they’re happening, as I imagine all Human Rights Defenders know as well. Nonetheless, the hateful actions of spiteful, vindictive people in 21st century UK against good people standing up against the unjustifiable and immoral, and defending that which we all know is right and just, is mind-blowingly perplexing.

It’s almost impossible to compute such merciless hostilities and hate towards a principled group of people who want to serve their communities with respect and transparency.

Jeremy Corbyn has announced that he will officially recognise the State of Palestine if he’s elected as Prime Minister. His intention is public record, but he’s always been a staunch advocate for Palestinian sovereignty, freedom and justice. These facts are the reason for the ruthless false “antisemitism” accusations against him and other Labour members. Israel is frantic to stop the Labour Party from turning their corrupt regime on its head.

In clarification, the coined term “antisemitism” is nonsensical, and the amended version of a few years ago, to which the UK was the first to sign up for (see UK Government’s adoption of the IHRA definition of antisemitism), is more convoluted to viciously entrap anyone who dares to point out Israel’s impunities against Palestinians. Anti-Zionism, actually Anti-Fascism, is not so-called Anti-Semitism.

Semite” comes from Shem, the eldest of the three sons of Noah, and it is a term that came to include Arabs, Akkadians, Canaanites, Phoenicians, Hebrews, some Ethiopians, and Aramaean tribes who spoke “Semitic” languages, according to Britannica and My Jewish Learning.

Technically, as ‘Anti’ means opposed or against, if we continue using the word “antisemitism”, it must include Arabs, since they are the only descendants of the ancient Semites living today.

To be precise, Jews have no copyright, no patent or any legal claim to the word “antisemitism”. The majority of Jewish people today are not of Semite descent. They are mainly of Eastern European ancestry. Clearly, that makes the term “antisemitism” a synonym for “Islamophobia”.

15760591819011931513799I stand with Labour and I stand with Palestine. Who will you stand with?1576058618760159483420

3 thoughts on ““Antisemitism” is the weapon of choice for Psychological Warfare to silence all of us who demand a #FreePalestine!

  1. Great post – The ziolobby really needs to stop it’s undue influence and wind it’s neck in:
    “In Britain, where the Jewish lobby is extremely strong, a law passed in December 2016 made the UK one of the first countries to use the definition of anti-Semitism agreed upon earlier in the year at a conference of the Berlin-based International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA).”

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