‘Leading human rights groups’ – “Discussing” israel’s “APARTHEID” in PALESTINE🇵🇸

Leading human rights groups discuss apartheid in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.

Well. Hallelujah! Only, what, 74+yrs and counting overdue!

The most irritating point that is perhaps deliberately ignored in the 74+years and counting of illegal occupation and oppression by the Ashkenazi zionist terrorists is the fact that their existence on the stolen and plundered lands of #Palestine🇵🇸 is a PARASITIC COLONIAL-SETTLER OCCUPATION.

So-called human rights organisations finally have the balls to submit a legal claim to the ICC accusing “israel” of #WarCrimes because of the brutal premeditated assassination of Shireen Abu Akleh.

A criminal submission that should have been submitted decades ago.

Shireen was a Palestinian and her phenomenal work, dedication and courage must be honoured and she must get justice for her murder.

However, as we all know, and mentioned here again, is the fact that the zionist terrorists have murdered 45+ journalists in the past 22yrs alone. Ntm, the [genocidal mass murders of] thousands of innocent defenceless #Palestinian civilians. Men, women and children. Every f**king day. 24/7.

It’s damn frustrating that all so-called human rights orgs are running with Amnesty’s [recent] report accusing the Ashkenazi Zionist terrorists of “#apartheid”. When this distinction was irrefutably and incontrovertibly confirmed decades ago and we, the People, have been shouting this fact from the proverbial rooftops for decades!

It’s egregiously shameful that it takes the cold-blooded execution of a famed Palestinian journalist for so-called human rights and justice organisations to finally do the right thing!

It is crucial that the Ashkenazi Zionist terrorists are recognised for what they are 74+years and counting:


The Ashkenazi zionist terrorist regime has nothing to do with religion much less God. Much less Judaism.

ZIONISM is a parasitic, territorial and politically colonial DOMINATION ideology driven by so-called “Jews” as well as “Christians”.

It [ZIONISM] is funded, aided and abetted by plutocratic capitalist elites regardless of their “religious” beliefs, if any.

The illegal Ashkenazi zionist terrorist colonial-settler apartheid occupation on stolen #Palestinian land must be DEFUNDED, DISARMED and DEMILITARIZED. It must be DISMANTLED!

Lola Daisy 02 June 2022

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