Rebuttal to criticism – Enemy collaboration: Character Assassination of Ilhan Omar

If people spent half their energy on supporting the urgent, important issues that Ilhan Omar is fighting to achieve to improve the lives and ensure the rights of all US citizens and residents, instead of delighting in media defamation smear campaigns, who knows…Trump might be producing license plates, and Palestine could finally be free.


The simple fact of this cesspit of flagrant lies, vilifying insinuations and cooked-up conspiracy theories is that the relentless malice against Rep Ilhan Omar, alleging she married her “brother“, a British citizen named Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, to help him fraudulently gain a US green card, is a nefarious racist ploy to diminish and negate her courageous stance on world issues and human rights. 

In the year 2000, Ilhan Omar became a US citizen at the age of 17-yrs-old. As a citizen she isn’t impelled to “marry” any family member, including an alleged “brother”, in order to secure their legal status in the US:

How the United States Immigration System Works:

Family-based immigrants are admitted either as immediate relatives of US citizens or through the family preference system.”

The preference system includes:

  • adult children (married and unmarried) and brothers and sisters of US citizens (petitioner must be at least 21-years-old to petition for a sibling), and
  • spouses and unmarried children (minor and adult) of LPRs (lawful permanent resident).

To be absolutely clear, the “enemy collaboration” is between Trump/US deep state, Israel’s Zionist lobbies, their asskissing cronies and far-right factions, who exploit mainstream media, as well as social media, to do their dirty work of character assassination of anyone speaking truth to power against their corrupt agendas of kleptocratic oppression, ie fascist capitalism, and imperial hegemonic expansionism, ie incessant geopolitical wars for regime change in the names of “War on Terror” and “national security” embedding their puppet dictators to secure their national interests in natural resources and land. Not to mention demanding the end of Israel’s illegal occupation and impunity of War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity in Palestine.

Decimating the sincerity and integrity of a young Muslim woman’s reputation, who not only is remarkably smart, intelligent and ethical, but a focused adversary, who has the balls to call their bluff in whitewashing their brutal corruption, throws a serious monkey-wrench into the criminal works of their intended world order.

Like Israel might be inconveniently cut-off from US taxpayers’ seemingly deep pockets handing the Apartheid fascist regime over $3.8 billion a year in “military aid” to mainly carry out War Crimes against Palestinians, execute cowardly attacks on Syria, and basically stir the pot of provocation in South & Central America, the Middle East and Africa for their apparent BFF, the “Land of the Free”, to initiate and proliferate destabilizing sovereign nations.

Or the sheeple might stop their self-absorbed preoccupation with mind-numbing superficiality and actually rise up to revolt against their systematic suppression of increasingly rescinding civil rights, evaporating human rights laws and exacerbating austerity.

Get the big picture yet?

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