Have gun, will shoot for toilet paper: Coronavirus panic confirms humanity’s primal ugliness

Fear and panic never serve to bring out the best in us. For all of humanity’s evolving and technology, at heart we’re as primitive as ever. Selfishly focused on number one’s needs and survival, intent on resentment, blame and violence against innocents for our woes.


Supermarket shelves are empty. From the US to the UK. Those who seem to have money to burn, but of whom many have troubles paying their monthly bills, have cleaned out stores, panic buying essentials we all need and consume in our daily lives. Callously ignoring the rest of us, while proudly displaying their hoarding on social media.

To top off this sad truth of shameful human flaw, people in the US have seemingly completely lost the plot.

Not only has toilet paper apparently become the most precious of commodities worldwide, but so have guns and ammo in the US.

Guns and ammunition are flying off the shelves in gunshops throughout the United States. Although the “right to bear arms” seems to be the most precious of human rights to a huge number of US citizens, gun sales have tripled, if not quadrupled, in the past week or so. All thanks to COVID-19 panic.

Allegedly, people are preparing for “civil unrest”, which is the ambiguous euphemism in the ‘land of the free’ assuming their so-called birthright to basically ‘defend themselves’ against those they blame for the current state of health emergency affecting everyone worldwide. And of course, protecting their precious toilet paper from anyone daring to help themselves to another’s supply of the apparently priceless stuff.

Others are the minority arming themselves in fear for their lives against racism and the typical ignorance of many racist self-righteous gun-toting Americans, who must cast blame for their current circumstances on those who are non-whites and obviously “un-American”.

A remorseless sign of unjustifiable bloodshed, tragedy and lawlessness to come, if people continue on the path of stupidity and blinding hate.

As frightening as coronavirus is for all of us everywhere, it’s not what we should fear most. Humans are their worst enemies, as the current state of our world and planet earth, even without coronavirus crisis, clearly prove.

What we should fear most is ourselves. We are the most unpredictable and terrifying species turning against our own brothers and sisters of humanity, especially in crisis. Instead of supporting and helping one another to make it through the terrible times together the best we can, we presume to play God deciding to punish those whom we deem responsible for our misery.

When in times of crisis, whether ruthlessly schemed and exploited by those in power, determined to divide and conquer, diminishing our self-determination and human rights, or whether it is a freak of nature not in human control, it’s a time for our humanity to shine not destroy. It’s a time for us to stand in solidarity against all odds and lead by example for our children and generations to come.

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