War Crimes & Crimes Against Humanity executed in OUR NAMES: WE, Humanity, DEMAND JULIAN ASSANGE’s FREEDOM by 4th Jan 2021!

He’s son, brother, nephew, cousin, uncle. He’s father, fiancé, friend. Julian Assange is you and me. He’s journalist, reporter, truth seeker. He’s immense courage and enormous fortitude. He’s earned our respect and admiration. He’s earned our heartfelt gratitude for his sacrifices. He’s Press Freedom and Free Speech. Julian Assange is you and me.

He didn’t waste time preaching to the deaf, dumb and blind. Instead he brought us incontrovertible evidence of unimaginable horrific war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes of unprecedented corruption perpetrated by our “democratic” governments in our names against millions upon millions of innocent, defenceless people. While shamelessly proclaiming upholding international rule of law and respecting universal Human Rights.

With the help, determination and undeniable bravery of Chelsea Manning, and his WikiLeaks team, Julian Assange brought us, the people, the unspeakable, unforgivable truth of cold-blooded murder, torture and sadistic extermination of innocent lives: from defenceless men and women to terrified children and babies. The annihilation of their homes, their businesses, their schools, hospitals and their churches and masjids.

Even after all the risks to their lives, their sacrifices and imprisonments for bringing us unvarnished truths of the infamous “war on terror” and the flagrant lies “in the name of national security”, we, Humanity, continue to allow our governments to execute appalling unjustifiable war crimes and crimes against humanity in sovereign nations, whether for regime change to control and exploit or millions to billions in profit from arms sales.

Whatever anyone’s “personal” feelings about Julian Assange, they are selfishly pointless, meaningless and unjustifiable. The crimes he and WikiLeaks exposed are bigger than anyone person. They affect us all. Our governments have exploited the farce and brutality of the “war on terror” not only to regime change, invade, conquer and colonize nations of rich natural resources, but to keep us, their citizens, inundated in a permanent state of fear and terror; silencing us into suppression too afraid to speak out against their draconian actions and inhumane policies, with their scaremongering and threatening propaganda, police brutality and ever increasing mass surveillance and invasion of our privacy.

Needless to say, the pandemic was a gift to world leaders to enforce fascist authoritarian police state laws to control and oppress us. Eradicating our civil rights and liberties; disrespecting our human rights to freedom of speech and protest; mocking justice and the rule of law by diminishing any semblance and pretence of democracy.

If you’ve not stood up for truth previously, now is the time. Wherever you are in the world, demand your government representatives, whose jobs are to serve you, stand for truth by ending this excruciating witch-hunt of psychological torture and irrefutable lies against Julian Assange. TODAY!

If you’ve not comprehended the big picture, the terrifying truth is that if we do not fight for truth by standing up for Julian Assange, stopping this vicious extradition and ending his unjustified imprisonment, we are surrendering our human rights to freedom of speech and protest, and freedom of the press. We will bow to our governments’ ruthless agendas to continue executing war crimes, controlling corporate media and social medias, keeping us in the dark of their crimes and corruption, and permit them to weaponize our inalienable human rights to free speech by silencing us with authoritarian laws! We will deny our inalienable human rights and permit the absolute eradication of democracy and government accountability.

Vanessa Baraitser will announce her decision on the preposterous US extradition demand justified by absurd espionage charges maintained by a shit-load of fiction and lies against Julian Assange on Monday, 4th January 2021.

We demand Julian Assange’s FREEDOM! We demand full financial compensation for the past decade+ that Julian was locked in the Ecuadorian embassy and now almost two years at notorious Belmarsh Prison. We demand all his legal debts be paid by the US and UK governments. We demand his immediate release and apology from the US and UK governments, including District Judge Vanessa Baraitser, whose unwarranted cruelty has led to Julian’s deteriorating health physically and mentally.

We, Humanity, DEMAND #FreeJulianAssange #FreeJulian #Freedom4JulianAssangeNOW! #Truth2Power! #FreeSpeech #PressFreedom #FreedomOfSpeech #FreedomOfThePress!

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