Deadly facts of Tory government’s decade+ spectacular financial neglect of NHS: Coronavirus pandemic decides the young will live and the old will die…

Boris Johnson’s government scrambles to be the shining hero in this life and death virus tragedy. For UK’s once-upon-a-time crowning jewel of healthcare for everyone, it’s a day late and a dollar short. Successive Tory governments’ ruthless nonfeasance and privatization of the NHS for over a decade were patently designed for a number of Tory MPs’ personal financial profits.

Now here we are. UK’s once greatest achievement in world renowned healthcare has been systematically diminished with Tories in power. The COVID-19 crisis glaringly confirms the years of relentless Tory austerity, privatization and increasing budget cuts have succumbed NHS capabilities to little more than a third-world country’s healthcare system.

The arrogant imperial colonial mindset UK, forever boasting to be one of the world’s wealthiest and most advanced countries, failed the British people by not providing the financial support for the upkeep, equipment, PPE (personal protective equipment) and staff of the NHS.

Therefore, we the people, who are over 60 years old, who may have more serious COVID-19 symptoms and require hospitalization, may be forced to pay with our lives for the criminal neglect of UK’s NHS.


The following is shared from a WhatsApp discourse yesterday, Wednesday 25th March:


“Email from NHS from down London but been shared up:

Dear all,

This is a full and frank message. Please forward to the rest of the family, and your loved ones if you choose.

I had a meeting today with our Medical Director, who has been in touch with government. The following therefore has some authority.

By the weekend, London will be in full lockdown, with Army manned checkpoints. Only key workers, NHS staff, police, ambulance, fire, delivery drivers, and teachers looking after the children of the above, will be allowed to move around the city.

By next week, those restrictions will apply to the country.

Tonight Lewisham Hospital is overwhelmed, ambulances on divert, and only a few ventilators left. QEH is close behind. My Trust is in the frontline of this epidemic, mainly due to local demographics. The rest of the NHS is probably little more than a week behind. We have denied critical care to four patients today, who will die as a result.

I must now be clear. Anyone over 75 years old will be denied critical care; anyone over 65 with diseases, eg diabetes, COPD, will be denied critical care. We are ramping up palliative care services. If an elderly patient falls sick, and requires hospital care, there will be an immediate DNAR order on them. They will be palliated, and they will live or die. The government forecast of 250,000 deaths is, we believe, hopelessly optimistic.

The mortality rate is very high in the elderly. The ICU stay on a ventilator even in survivors is about three weeks. We will run out of ventilators in a week.

The Army is setting up field hospitals, no doubt with squaddies manually bagging patients.

You will not hear this from Boris Johnson for a few days. But please be assured it is coming. We are two weeks behind Italy.

For the family therefore, anyone over 65 is to self isolate, possibly for many weeks. Maintain contact through frequent video calls. If they need food or supplies, take them over and leave the bags on the doorstep, and wave at them from at least a six foot distance. They are not to touch the bags for 15 minutes. Do not visit for 14 days if you or anyone in your household is unwell with and fever, cough or ‘flu like symptoms. If you are unwell, stay indoors, along with your whole family. Have a neighbour or a friend drop off supplies, with no social contact.

We need to blunt the curve, which is right now exponentially rising.

For myself, you cannot imagine the stress we are under. The awful decisions we will have to make. We will be taking otherise healthy 60 year olds off a ventilator to die so we can save a 30 year old.

Please stay safe. I’ll be back in touch when I can with news.”

WhatsApp response/thoughts to the above email:

“Lancashire confirmed cases finally updated since yesterday. Probably have to accept numbers with a grain of salt, but confirmed cases increased by only 7. 71 yesterday and 78 today. Considerably less increase than what it’s been for a number of days now.

However reading the above post you shared, things are very bad, and older people who would normally be helped and saved, if the NHS was up to par and hadn’t been financially abandoned for over a decade by these fucking tories, are literally sentenced to death, so young able-to-work-bodied are saved.

Since those close to my age are useless now. And by the sound of it, aside from literally military enforced martial law, like we’re a fucking war zone, we have no rights and there will be much greater numbers of deaths yet to come in the next week or two.

And if we survive, the war for our rights and our way of life will once again continue but at the same time, the battles will begin as they haven’t been fought for human rights in the past couple of centuries.

Need to be at least 20 or 30 years younger to take on world governments.”

We all must be considerate and practice duty of care towards one another. No one should ever doubt the deadly seriousness of this virus.

At the same time, no one should doubt that governments incite and encourage fear, exploiting panic. Their justification to hail “executive/police” powers to enforce draconian measures and totalitarian rule.

No one should be in any doubt that we have been forced to capitulate our civil rights. Sure, we live in luxury lockdown compared to occupied dispossessed Palestinians, but the walls of our gilded cages are about to close in on us much tighter if martial law is enforced everywhere.

No one should be in any doubt that we have surrendered at minimum 20-50 years’ worth of sweat, blood and tears, and far too often deaths, hard-fought human rights.



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