#Covid19 #CreepingStatism #CryingWolf #Proportionality: #Coronavirus causing 9/11-style erosion of #CivilLiberties!

Samuel McDonald expresses my fears precisely in that it is fact our civil liberties and human rights took a big beating in the aftermath of 9/11. In the past 19 years our rights continue to be systematically eroded.

Every time there’s an alleged world crisis, leaderships exude executive or so-called emergency powers with the blessings of left-wing protagonists and even human rights defenders.

It definitely is terrifying to witness day after day in the media and on social media how easily some of us apparently lose their reasoning and courage, defending and demanding our rights, when faced with crisis and only too willingly capitulate our self-determination and our hard-fought rights to governments serving up patronizing lipservice to justify enforcing their draconian executive powers in the name of protecting lives, but of whom they know only too well any so-called crisis will be exploited to infringe and impede our rights as human beings and citizens, while filling their coffers with our money.

This brilliant article brings home the sobering facts of humanity’s destructive behaviour and actions impacting our natural world and all her inhabitants. Defining the fact that governments deliberately ignore the evidence that unless humans face and fix the root problems, ie stop our destruction of ecosystems and natural habitats and dumping our rubbish in our oceans and toxifying our air, humanity will destroy itself.

Surrendering our rights and allowing governments to take our hard-earned taxes to support private companies, oil conglomerates and banks while forcing us into “lockdown” of totalitarianism with so-called sweeping emergency powers will not stop our increasing worldwide health crises, which roots are patently clear and wholly caused by capitalist greed.

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We can’t let the coronavirus lead to a 9/11-style erosion of civil liberties | | THE GUARDIAN | 23 March 2020

We must reject such authoritarian measures wholly, no matter who says they’re ‘necessary’

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