What do they fear? Muslim nations’ apathy loud and clear: Palestine abandoned again!

Wonderful of Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan to comment that the current genocide and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, mostly children, perpetrated by Israel is “not a conflict but a massacre”. Well surely, terrified defenseless and oppressed Palestinians in occupied Palestine and open-air-prison Gaza find great comfort in his worthless comment. Like numerous others like it from other Muslim countries, Imran Khan’s words are a load of nothing.

As the horrific murders of innocent Palestinians are escalating horribly ever day, the awful question is why are powerful Muslim countries unconscionably refusing to defend Palestine against the terrorist apartheid regime Israel? Again!

It’s quite a conundrum that certainly defines these nations’ allegiance to not only Islam but towards their sense of justice and defense of a helpless occupied peoples. It is confirmation that they are as complicit as their western counterparts knowing full well the facts and truth behind the illegal entity that is Israel. It assuredly underlines the truth that there is no unity amongst Muslim nations anymore than it is amongst Western countries.

Division and abandonment are not teachings of the Qur’an. Division and abandonment do not make the Ummah.

That the US false-flag “War on Terror”, inciting and instigating regime change to control resources and oppression, obliterated Iraq and Afghanistan, followed by the utter annihilation of Lybia, is unprecedented historic fact. That the US hands the Israeli regime $3.8+ billion annually in “military aid” courtesy its taxpayers is fact. That Israel stole US nuclear weapons’ plans plus the means to facilitate building nukes is fact. That Israel has numerous nukes is fact. That the US, driven by its ongoing guilt & relentless zionist reminders for turning away Jewish refugees during WWII, supports and funds Israel’s unspeakable war crimes in Palestine is fact. That the US decided, helped by decades of zionist and Israeli lobbies’ threats and manipulations, to increase its funding of Israel’s military as Israel is now considered the US stronghold and gateway to the Middle East is no doubt fact.

Apparently, thanks to US taxpayers’ generosity, Israel is now one of the world’s top most military powers. A military power who, without fail, and without fail supported by the US, insists it, as the illegal occupying power of Palestine, has “the right to defend itself” against the defenseless people it occupies. A people it ruthlessly provokes, especially at Ramadan and Eid, with illegal evictions and abhorrently violent attacks on praying Palestinians inside Islam’s third most holiest site, Al Aqsa Mosque.

Of course, Israel expects Palestinians to roll over and accept these unspeakable acts of brutality on their homeland against their citizens. After all, they’re subhuman. No one nation has ever intervened to stop Israel’s aggressions and war crimes in Palestine. However, fact is that Israel knows the Palestinian script. Israel’s cruel provocations are systematically planned. Zionist Israel knows exactly how to play the desperate and frustrated people it oppresses and occupies, especially during Ramadan.

Israel is always meticulously prepared for Palestinians’ resistance, and Israel basks in the limelight of the world stage facilitated by the only too eager mainstream media to once again play the victim, while its superior and sophisticated top technologically advanced military bomb the shit out of Gaza, the “terrorists”.

Israel ambushes and attacks Gaza at whim at least once a year. There’s not been a peaceful Ramadan for Palestinians in decades. Even a few years ago, like 2008, 2012, 2014 or 2018, it might have been more opportune for Muslim countries to intervene and end Israel’s systematic genocide and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and obliteration of historic Palestine. But no one stepped up to the calling. No one acted on the cries for help coming out of Palestine. Palestinians were on their own as they’ve been since 1948 with no official sovereign military or defence system.

Israel intentionally refuses Gaza to rebuild after brutal attacks of artillery aggression and deliberately targets what remains of Gazan infrastructure and any secure shelters with every bomb every time to murder as many innocents as possible and to ensure Israel’s systematic agenda for the increasing deterioration of Gaza to sustain human life.

Every year Israel grows more powerful militarily, but new technology is not exclusive to Israel. Muslim countries have also advanced militarily. Pakistan has nukes. They all invest heavily in weapons. They are far from inferior to Israel’s military prowess. If these Muslim nations united in defence of Palestine, no doubt the way of the world in general would see and experience one hell of a game changer. Unfortunately, violence and war is clearly the only language of apartheid Israel. Zionists believe they are entitled to every grain of soil that is Palestine. They have never wanted “peace” with Palestinians. That’s always been a bag of lies. If they ever had peaceful intentions, why invade, execute genocide and ethnically cleanse Palestinians in 1947-1949?

The US and European governments have relentlessly ensured that their citizens were propagandized with false and misleading information touted by mainstream media about countless historic facts, specifically any proof of their war crimes is always whitewashed. Their children are deliberately uneducated about historic truth. Very few knew the truth of occupied Palestine. The online information highway has helped change this dramatically.

Israel is extremely unhappy about this. Therefore, we, the people of the world, must thank primarily Israel for our governments’ authoritarian implementations of online mass surveillance and suppression of free speech. Because demanding that Israel’s war crimes must be held accountable is “antisemitism” and demanding a Free Palestine is “racist abuse”.

If Middle Eastern countries intervened against Israeli ruthless and continuous aggression in Palestine, Palestine would finally be free. The decades and decades of bloodbaths and obliteration of historic Palestine would end. 90+% of Palestinians living today were born under occupation and grew up in and with the brutal violence of their terrorist occupier Israel.

Muslim nations know that though Hitler and his Nazis likely put the final nail in Palestine’s 1947 future, they should also know that Ashkenazi Jewish Zionists have plotted their homeland for Jews only on Palestinian land since the 1881 Russian pogroms. According to Britannica and David Ben-Gurion, 1799’s Napoleon allegedly “had thought of establishing a Jewish state” in Palestine. This festering obsession became reality when in 1897 Theodor Herzl became first president of the World Zionist Organization, and the plans to systematically take Palestine were put into action. The 1947 zionist invasion with the assistance of numerous questionable sources primarily in the US, including organized crime syndicates, came full circle and Palestinians’ 73-year tragedy commenced.

The only conclusion as to why Muslim countries, with the ability to help end Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine and put an end to Palestinians’ unimaginable suffering, refuse to do so, is that they fear US retaliation, to protect its investment and gateway to the Middle East, of another full-scale invasion of the Middle East and, perhaps Asia, which would overjoy terrorist Israel.

Of course, another reason would be that a number of powerful Muslim countries prefer to “normalize relations” for their political gains and business interests with Israel. Political and business interests they should have with Palestinians, since Israel is and always will be Palestine.

Without intervention against Israel, and the fact that Gaza cannot continue to sustain life after countless attacks by Israel over the past decade without new infrastructure and rebuilding of homes etc, the current genocide of Palestinians in Gaza and the absolute destruction on the ground will finish the Gaza Strip.

The World sits idly by again, world leaders justifying the unjustifiable spewing terrorist Israel’s mantra it has the right to defend itself against the defenseless men, women and children it illegally occupies.

It’s absolutely shit. We are watching the absolute genocide of occupied oppressed and terrorised Palestinians by war criminal and terrorist Israel. It is beyond horrific and horrible. It is beyond unjustifiable. It is beyond unforgiveable.

One thought on “What do they fear? Muslim nations’ apathy loud and clear: Palestine abandoned again!

  1. Reblogged this on | War Crimes International and commented:
    There is nor ever was a “Israeli-Palestine Conflict” or an “Arab-Israeli Conflict” or any “CONFLICT”! Since 1947, it is and always had been the Ashkenazi zionist invasion of Palestine, the brutal Nakba of 1948, illegally establishing the terrorist apartheid regime Israel. Palestinians live the Nakba 24/7 to this day through Israel’s ruthlessly brutal occupation and relentlessly violent attacks murdering innocent defenceless Palestinians! Palestinians, as any citizen anywhere, have the right to resist their Occupier by any means necessary. Isreal is currently executing Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians.


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