#HumanRights, the noblest of endeavors

Righteous #HumanRightsDefenders & #FreedomFighters do not condition, manipulate, brainwash and propagandize their fellow humans.

They’re fighting for the #ClimateCrisis effecting all life on earth, the #RefugeeCrises, #AsylumSeekers, inhumane #Immigration policies, forced #Deportations, illegal #Citizenship removal, #authoritarian mass #CovidVaccinations, authoritarian #COVIDPasses, Criminalizing Dissent, eradicating #FreeSpeech & #FreePress, #DigitalRights, the #RightToProtest, #Racism, #Xenophobia, #Islamophobia, #Nationalism, #Dispossession, #Homelessness, #RightToInformedConsent, the inalienable right to demand #accountability for our governments’ #WarCrimes, #RegimeChange, #Genocide, #EthnicCleansing & #CrimesAgainstHumanity perpetrated in our names in sovereign nations against sovereign citizens…ntm #JUSTICE & #Equality…this list is far from exhaustive because

the #WarAgainstHumanRights is Humanity’s relentless war of good vs evil for the sake of humanity and all life on our planet since probably the beginning of the human race.

#HumanRights are inalienable for each individual human being. Man, Woman, Child. Each of us is autonomous with our own unique intelligence as well as independent emotional, rational &  psychological make-up.

Righteous #HumanRightsDefenders & #FreedomFighters know their facts & their truth. They are noble, courageous & determined to fight for humanity’s #HumanRights. Some selflessly lay down their lives for that which is our Birthright. They do not surrender their dignity, their ethics, their truth, their souls. Surrender is not ever an option. They are incorruptible.

Bona-fide #HumanRightsDefenders & #FreedomFighters do not stoop to the level of paid-for-by-governments corporate media & social media propaganda. Government exploitation of conditioning, manipulation & brainwashing of its fellow humans to oppress, suppress & criminalize dissent. Righteous dissent demanding accountability & transparency from our governments.

Anyone seriously believing #HumanRightsDefenders & #FreedomFighters waste their precious time on brainwashing government propagandized sheeple is seriously mistaken.

Righteous #HumanRightsDefenders & #FreedomFighters tirelessly EDUCATE & CHALLENGE all of us with facts & truth so each of us humans, as independent autonomous individuals, has the opportunity to learn & decide what we determine is right or wrong. It is called the right to be informed in all aspects of our governments’ laws, domestic & foreign policies, covert agendas and actions implemented and carried out in our names.

The truth is for us to discover and share. Knowledge is the key to everything. It is our most powerful tool and weapon.

Humility is our conscience. It is our counterbalance to remind us of our humanity. To keep us human. Our moral compass to ensure that we do not forget that we as humans are imperfect and flawed.

We are individually unique but not one of us is more worthy than another of us.

So how about giving your head a wobble?!

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