When is enough, ENOUGH?! When will we say NO?!

It appears the pressure is on for these experimental vaccines to be forcefully pushed on us all. In spite of the apparent conclusion, that “herd immunity” is impossible to reach due to the “Delta” Covid variant, and the expectation that even more contagious variants are very likely on the horizon globally.

These authoritarian actions by governments confirm that upholding and respecting human rights specifically in claiming democratic leaderships has been and is a fraud. It confirms that we are treated and humoured like children of totalitarian nanny states in the guise of “democracy”.

The time is fast approaching that parents and employees will be forced to make a decision just so their children can go to school and the employed can work.

The fearmongering is out of control. It was always subtly in control, but the so-called pandemic has forced us to acknowledge just how much we are in fact propagandized and exploited through fear by our governments, who work for us.

It’s glaringly come full circle. Technology has helped that along immeasurably. Because for all that mankind has come so far just in the past century, we minions are more suppressed and lost than ever before.

Whatever  balance that may have previously existed between citizens and the governments that are supposed to serve their welfare is gone.

Technology has without a  doubt seen to that. We as mere citizens have no rights. The semblance of that was a patronising front to lull us into a false security that our governments work for us and hear us.

It’s all a sham. Always was. The past almost 2 years have certainly pulled off any blinders of hope or faith left in our governments and in the solidarity of humanity.

In solidarity and mutual respect of and for humanity and all life. 

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