BLATANT BETRAYAL OF CHILDREN’S TRUST. Absolutely STAGGERING ANALYSIS. It has taken decades for birth parents to finally learn the COLD HARD FACTS of the REALITY of INTENTIONAL CHILD NEGLECT and “EMOTIONAL HARM” their children, mostly FORCIBLY REMOVED by UK’s Local Authorities Social Services Child Protection, are subjected to throughout their formative years as LA’s Looked After Children.

The evidence speaks for itself and it most definitely attests that the RIGHTS OF THE CHILD have no part in Local Authorities’ agendas for children in care. Children’s Human Rights and well-being are completely disregarded, but this time Local Authorities cannot  whitewash their decades-long failures of child neglect constituting child abuse.

The Local Authority FACT SHEET and press release were published on Sunday, 19th August 2018. It makes for sobering and inflammatory reading for birth families, who will be devastated knowing their children, often brutally taken from them, are more vulnerable and disadvantaged because Local Authorities failed to properly care for the children entrusted to them. It begs to question why almost 50,000 children currently in care were forcibly removed from their birth families in the first place.

The SMF report, entitled “Looked-after children: the Silent Crisis” was supported by The Hadley Trust. The report compared the amount of political attention given to school standards, accusing politicians of turning a blind eye to failings that affect vulnerable children.

Social Market Foundation (SMF), 11 Tufton Street, London SW1P 3QB, 020 7222 7060, :

“The analysis showed that 63% of Local Authorities in England are providing services for these children which either “require improvement” or are simply “inadequate.”

  • In 2015-2016 it was estimated that approximately 39% of the children in secure training centres had been in care.
  • Only 14% of LAC get 5 good GCSES.
  • Almost 25% of the adult prison population has previously been in care, and children who have been in care reoffend at roughly twice the rate of children who have never been looked after.

Nearly half of all children in care had a diagnosable mental health issue in 2015. The proportion of care leavers between the ages of 19 and 21 not in education or training was approximately 40% in 2017.

Matthew Oakley, SMF Senior Researcher, said:

“This report shows that we are letting down tens of thousands of the most vulnerable children in society. That’s bad enough in itself, but the political neglect of this issue and these children makes this poor performance all the more offensive. This is a burning injustice where the smoke, flames and victims are routinely ignored. 

“These figures should have already set alarm bells ringing in Westminster, but instead, politicians of all parties squabble on Twitter and play games over leadership, while overlooking crucial domestic issues that involve real people and real lives. 

“These children desperately need the people who are supposed to lead this country to pay more attention and commit to improving children’s services. We all then have a duty to hold politicians to account to ensure that the support and outcomes for these vulnerable children are improved.”

We all know that FORCED ADOPTION is the MONEY SPINNER and job security for LA’s Social Services Child Protection. Nevertheless UK Taxpayers pay Social Workers’ salaries whatever their LAC caseload. Even with LA’s announced so-called budget cuts, Residential Homes and Foster Carers receive a good chunk of taxpayer money for taking on Looked After Children. Considering SS Child Protection overzealous and far too often unjustified removal of children from their families, it is righteously deduced that children in care are merely CASH COWS for Local Authorities to engineer their annual budgets, boosting job security to protect their more than adequate salaries.

Westminster is finally publicly pushed into a corner and must answer why politicians have deliberately ignored the failings of Local Authorities Social Services Child Protection for decades, and why politicians deliberately abandon vulnerable helpless children forced into care to criminal child neglect, perpetrated by Local Authorities, fully aware of the catastrophic lifelong psychological harm Children in Care are condemned to by Social Services Child Protection.


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