Our Dog-Eat-Dog World of Capitalist Xenophobes and Islamophobes cultivating Fear and Dissension

Can a human being die of a broken heart? Was the Angel of Justice a “friend of God”? To what purpose do governments blatantly inundate us with fear, ensuring division and unjustifiable resentment? Why does Ayn Rand’s “philosophy of objectivism” still influence many influential people worldwide? Is it acceptable that politicians entrusted to serve the people, exploit and betray those whom they are paid to serve? Would worldwide peace, justice and equality create harmony and contentment? Do you ever feel like either you’re crazy or the world is? Why do we refuse to learn from history? Why can’t we all just get along?

According to our anatomy, humans are, well, humans, yet we are all unique. Of course y’all know this … Not physically per se, though admittedly some of us are prettier than others, which in the scheme of things is temporary and superficial. The spirit of our passion, intellect and humanity is the essence of our individual uniqueness.

We are the most intelligent species on earth, but we are the most contemptuous, selfish and wasteful of animals. We are predators whose ultimate priorities are self-preservation and survival at all costs. In consideration of world population, very few humans are “altruistic”, which Ayn Rand hinted as being the “root of all evil”, but allegedly she was not an empathetic person.

Essentially her so-called “credos” are the gospels of dictators, fascists, capitalists and banksters to whom murder is not crime, stealing from the people is fair game because obviously they’re weak and committing crimes against humanity and disregarding human rights are a matter of course.

Ranking human beings as the most intelligent life on planet Earth should be highly questionable, as we’re the only creatures who kill to kill, who maim to maim, who enslave to enslave, who torture to torture, who exploit to exploit, who waste to waste, and who ignore history. Exception being that technology enables us to act more sadistic, bloodier and immoral to destroy one another in devastating numbers.

A number of people in leadership are incapable of compassion and spurn empathy, easing their ascend into reigns of terror and brutality over the masses. We actually vote for many of them, trusting their lip-service and grandiose manipulations. Others are funded and supported by those in positions of power and control, whose agendas of self-interests are dependent on the success of their chosen puppet regimes.

These self-interests mainly concern the natural resources of other nations, more often than not involving illicit covert business transactions financed by the capitalists/banksters of corporatocracies with the corrupt dictators of puppet regimes.

RefugeesNotWelcomeHuman history overrunneth with Xenophobia and Islamophobia, and to this day right-wing politicians exploit them to scaremonger and manipulate, fuelling violence, fear and death. It’s actually quite amazing that people overall do not deduce the fact that they are deliberately steered, destabilised and controlled into isolation, assuring instability and insecurity amongst the population. Unity and solidarity amongst the people is a government’s nemesis.

If Raguel, the Angel of Justice, is more than just a religious myth, his powers certainly would not go amiss in the current world crisis of wars, famine, displacements, illegal imprisonments, illegal disappearances, torture, crimes against humanity, human rights violations & abuse, refugee crisis and unjustified deportations.

Who are we to say it’s impossible to die of a broken heart? A human being feeling absolutely abandoned and lost of all hope can die of what a medical examiner will determine as natural causes, but who is to say that these natural causes were not a broken heart?

Ever increasing hostile environments against immigration, betrayal of long-term law-abiding residents, initiating grievous statelessness; the West’s callous multi-millions worth of arms deals with war criminals, causing and funding wars, extreme death-tolls and famine, not to mention the West’s accountability to the backlash of a refugee crisis of epic proportions; right-wingers determination to destabilise the people, deliberately causing violence, destruction and even death in so-called democratic tolerant societies; while homelessness, forced adoptions and alarming cuts in benefits for those who are in need are tearing families in these so-called western democracies apart.

As we are all uniquely different emotionally and psychologically, and as long as there is a seemingly growing number of people in power who have no empathy nor respect for their fellow humans, leaders who have their own agendas, always obfuscating and deliberately sanctioning chaos, accepting no accountability or responsibility towards the people they serve, worldwide peace will simply be wishful thinking for some, farfetched ideology to others and the hope to those who believe anything is possible…



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