Survival of the fittest in Pre & Post Brexit Crisis: It won’t be the children or the sick, vulnerable and homeless

Boris Johnson et al. is the means to an end for the rich and powerful. They are his masters, and he’ll do everything and anything to make Brexit happen. Deal or no deal. His inconceivable lies and corruption are plain as day. Proving over and over his disrespect for truth and law. Proving over and over he cares nothing for the people or his country.

Brexit has cost the British economy £66bn in just under three years – equivalent to around £1,000 per person in the country.”

Like rebels without a cause, UK’s leavers are analogous to the confederate “rebels of Dixieland”, whose racist bloodthirsty descendants are as ignorant and uneducated as their forefathers in the civil war of 1861.

Fighting to the death to keep the legacy alive buying, trading and owning human beings. Human beings torn away from their homelands and families, raped, impregnated and tortured. Nameless, stateless, homeless. Slaves worked to the death, sweating blood and tears on white men’s cotton and tobacco plantations, to serve, cower and submit so their masters lived like kings and queens. Ah, but it was the golden age of the Dixie Empire.

To this day US southern white racists hankering for their once great Dixie Empire believe it’ll “rise again”. With Dixie flags plastered in their truck windows behind their shotguns and rifles or flying at full mast in their front gardens, today’s southern rebels may shout “heritage not hate” but it’s just crap. There’s absolutely nothing historically proud in a symbol of Hate. But to be a bona-fide hillbilly is to have the yearning for the good ol’ days of slavery and southern belles, where white man is God and King.

They keep tryin’ with their burning crosses, lynching and mass murders of innocent black lives, but it ain’t gonna happen. Dixieland is finished. History.

Dixie flag

Now the British are inexplicably arrogant and proud too, coveting “lost independence and autonomy” of their fallen British Empire gone for good after WWII, though they swaggered in the certainty of their elitism and exceptionalism so bright and glowing from “winning the great war”. This lasted till the late 1950’s. It didn’t bear to imagine that their great invincible empire was kaput.

It seems for many Brits the years of economic decline, due to trade and being the ultimate reason for joining the EU in 1973 after previously being vetoed twice by France, that the past 46 years as an EU member state were a mere interlude in preparation to “rise again”. Once again, the greatest empire since the Romans. To be their own man, answering to no one, making their own decisions and trading with whomever they want without interference, while keeping their money in their country for their people.

Except Britain will never be an imperial superpower again. The empire is finished. History. It’s not what Brexit is about nor is it what’s gonna happen in post Brexit.

As has been rehashed countless times, but its urgency and importance cannot be ignored, is the fact that Brexit is basically supported and pushed by numskulls posturing in breathtakingly irresponsible arrogance of deceit, complicity and plain lies. It is now and has been all along a propaganda feat of deliberate misinformation to cater to the 1 and 2 percenters of corpocracy capitalists, whose priority is to make more money but who absolutely loathe to pay their dues in trade fees and taxes, and who absolutely detest abiding to EU’s trade laws and trading regulations.

Ultimately this is about the future of the UK, its children, who have to live with the appalling lies in the aftermath of repercussions of the fundamental downfall of economic and geopolitical disaster.

Let’s be honest about the tragic costs of getting rid of hardworking law-abiding immigrants and destroying families, increasing racism and violence against women, unacceptable homelessness, welfare cuts, poor education and medical care, not to mention higher living and food costs and growing job-loss. Not to mention the astronomical rise in cost of medicines and the scary risks of food safety and hygiene.

Oh, I bet few have ever known or realised that the EU donates huge amounts of money, as in billions of €, into UK charities, especially youth charities, of which many, if not most, will not survive:

Brits love their football, but many may not know that a good number of great players, and those who don’t quite make it into the big league, were and are supported as youngsters through charities like the League Football Education. Read it and weep: European Observatoire of Sport and Employment (EU Erasmus+).

Now to round this sad tale off looking through the miserable looking glass of post Brexit – read it and weep:

98 Reasons To Stay In The EU: Benefits Of Membership For The UK


Financial Services Industry Slowly Abandons Britain Ahead of Brexit

“The New Financial think tank has a membership made up of some of the biggest names in the financial services business, including the City of London Corporation, JP Morgan, Barclays, Lombard and the London Stock Exchange to name just a few. It has identified in its report that 275 firms in the UK have moved or are moving some of their business, staff, assets or legal entities from the UK to the EU to prepare for Brexit. Around 250 firms have chosen specific post-Brexit hubs for their EU business, and more than 200 firms have set up or are setting up new entities in the EU to manage their business.”

“The shift in underlying business is more significant than headlines about the number of staff: our conservative estimates show that banks and investment banks are moving around £800bn in assets; asset managers have so far transferred more than £65bn in fundsand insurance companies have so far moved £35bn in assets.”


Brexit: One Industry, One City = One £Trillion – Gone

Think, People! Do you really want to lose so much for so-called independence the UK never lost by joining the EU?! Do you really want to freely give up your freedom of movement, risk your livelihood, your health and your children’s welfare and future for a blue passport and zero-tolerance immigration?! Do you really want to live in a country that is controlled by right-wing misogynists and racists, spending your hard-earned taxes like a leaking water-hose while selling arms to war criminals?! Is this the environment you want for your children?! A country in which laws are corrupted, broken and disregarded by the egocentric elitists in power. Those whom we want to respect and look up to, but who mock democracy and the law, patronise the people they are paid to serve, risk national security instead of working for a secure, flourishing Europe, and you can pretty much forget about respect for human rights and justice. In other words, we can kiss accountability goodbye.

The only way to stop this Brexit crisis is for the people to unite and in solidarity demand an end to this insanity called Brexit. Economically much has already been lost but given time it may be recovered, and Britain can flourish once more by working with the EU and not against it. To make it a better, stronger union of and for the people.

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