Legacy of HOPE

I don’t pretend to understand our callous world

Our passive complicity

Our unquestioning servitude

Our false complacency

Towards them who betray humanity

Towards them who are relentless scourge

Them who must be accused and held accountable

For crimes unspeakable, injustice inconsolable

Humans killing Humans

Territorial, greedy usurpers

Indiscriminately terminate life

Erasing ways of life

Elitist liars, paranoid despots

Narcissistic warmongers

Corruption their forte

Destabilization their strategy

Division, terror their victory

Empowered by blood, sweat and tears

Enriched from the labour

Of the people

Crushing our very existence

Religious texts recount

Inundated in human blood

History confirms

To this moment

Human progress has not stopped

Bloodthirst for domination

Technology guarantees decimation

How dare we proclaim civility!

Education of our bloody human history!

How did we come to be inhumane?


Jaded, selfish

And truth be I am too

No virtuous human flaw

We are One

Humanity our strength

None can choose their blood

Religion nor colour of skin has place

God is not religion

Religion is not God

HE is everywhere

HE is us

What is solidarity, unity, family?

We are each unique yet same

Vulnerable, afraid

Fearless, brave

Strong and weak

Equal in frailty of life and death

Can we not imagine loss, understand fear true?

For the cruel fate of innocents?

Share their tears of unrelenting horror and loss?

Are we prepared to walk in their shoes?

Or spurn their humanity?

Renounce we are them and they are us?

Insist their tragedies will never be us?

Is it written we succumb?

Surrender our humanity?

Accept injustice and persecution?

Because some demand it so?

Are we to be helpless, silenced witness

To brutality, exploitation of power?

Against us the corruption of the chosen few

Whom we permit to suppress us

With violence and fear

Disrespect and intolerance

Self-preservation turning on thy neighbour?

Peace of mind disregard the voiceless?

Is it not for us to determine our paths?

The way of diversity, inclusivity and harmony?

Of Self-determination, peace and freedom?

We are same

Do we not yearn for same?

Do we not long for

Dignity, acceptance, companionship?


It is us, who must

Cut down greed, egotism of insecure vain tyrants, who demand peremptory obedience, robbing us of family & unity

Desecratiing our home

Planet Earth

Who are they, if not of us?

Are we not gifted with thought, choices?

Imagine brilliance and accomplishment?

Do we not dream of possibilities?

Sharing triumph in good and justice

With decency, respect and kindness

In friendship and compassion reach out to our fellow humans?

Instead desperately cling to our blindness

Our deliberate ignorance

Losing self

Foresaking our humanity

Anguish and defeat determined to rip apart

We must

Stand true to our righteousness amidst despair

Rejoicing in hope

Humanity is hope

We are humanity

We are One

Legacy of hope.

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