Due diligence – GOOD! Panic – NOT SO GOOD! Come on People, get a grip! FACTCHECK: COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS & annual common FLU

While there’s no denying COVID-19 is a serious contagion, the reality is seasonal influenza/common flu kills up to 54,167 people per month globally (multiplied by 12 months totalling up to 650,000 deaths worldwide annually). We all need to get a grip and not treat our loved ones or neighbours, who are struck down with COVID-19, as though they’re lepers or carriers of the Black Death! Scaremongering and panicking amongst the sheeple may be the agenda of governments, as they surreptitiously impose so-called “emergency or executive powers” to suppress our voices and hijack our human rights, but we can do better and not let them win this round.

The facts for annual influenza, ie common flu, are all over cyberspace for anyone who likes facts. Sure, we all don’t like “flu season”, and we might hear or see flu statistics on the news now and again, but the truth is, flu facts hardly make for sensationalized headlines. So here comes COVID-19, ie CORONAVIRUS.


Honestly, the scaremongering is out of control. It’s been intensifying ubiquitously since 9/11, commencing this century’s nightmare of so-called “War on Terror”. The relentless propagandized media spin to accelerate fear and terror is turning us against our fellow humans, and this is unacceptable.

Obviously, there are still no transparent definite answers as to the “what, where, when and why” of the contagious virus the WHO (World Health Organization) dubbed COVID-19, but its severity and, tragically, mortality rate, as seems logical for most virus-related illnesses, favours the young, the old and those with pre-existing or chronic health conditions, as does seasonal influenza. However, believe it or not, common flu/influenza is even more contagious. The recorded numbers of annual common flu deaths globally are truly staggering. Don’t take my word for it, factcheck the data yourself.

So, let’s break down the facts, shall we: According to the WHO, the first report of coronavirus came from Wuhan, China, the “epicentre” of the virus, on 31 Dec 2019. Seemingly exploding the world with a terrifying contagion ever since. Though it seems the virus has an incubation period of up to approximately 14 days, let’s say alleged up-to-date coronavirus cases and death numbers cover the past two months.

At the time of writing this post, the worldometer website, which is constantly updating and seems to have the most current worldwide COVID-19 data, ie current numbers of active cases, deaths and closed cases, the numbers are as follows:

  • Since 31 Dec 2019 to date, the total number of COVID-19 cases is 89,779 Over a two-month period this total number is approximately 44,890 cases per month.
  • Currently, the total number of infected is 33,828 in mild condition and 7,375 cases in serious or critical condition.
  • COVID-19 death total globally is 3,069. Over a two-month period this total number is approximately 1,535 deaths per month.
  • COVID-19 total recovered/discharged cases globally are 45,507.

Now for annual global influenza/common flu data:

In the US alone, the 2019-20 influenza season has already afflicted up to 45,000,000 people.

Since we all seem to count on the WHO to have the most verified transparent data on worldwide illnesses and epidemics, like seasonal influenza, the highlighted word will take you to their appropriate webpage.

  • As of 2017, the recorded number of annual common flu deaths rose by up to 150,000 globally. The WHO’s report hints that lack of verifiable data on seasonal influenza of populations in poor and developing countries may make the total number of deaths actually higher.
  • “Illnesses range from mild to severe and even death. Hospitalization and death occur mainly among high risk groups. Worldwide, these annual epidemics are estimated to result in about 3 to 5 million cases of severe illness, and about 290,000 to 650,000 respiratory deaths.”
  • Hence, as with COVID-19, the common flu afflicts the most vulnerable, old and the young. The monthly number of deaths, dividing the annual totals by 12, confirms that seasonal influenza/common flu claims between 24,167 and 54,167 lives every month of every year.

Reiterating the obvious helpful suggestions to hopefully help you stay healthier or avoid prolonged illness:

Personally, I am a huge fan of regular handwashing and antibacterial hand sanitizer in between all year long, but especially during flu season, which usually starts when kids begin school in the autumn/fall and lasts through to about April/May. Maybe I’m OCD, but hey, whatever floats your boat…and mine…😊

So, hygienic due diligence is the order of the day every day but especially this time of year, ie FLU SEASON: Regularly WASH YOUR HANDS with SOAP & WATER, rinsing thoroughly and preferably dry with a disposable paper towel, disposing of it in a designated bin! Avoid touching public door handles/doorknobs etc, and remember to keep your hands off your face!

Let’s all be a bit more observant and considerate of our fellow humans and cover our faces when we cough, either with a tissue, which needs to be disposed of properly and not be laying about, or with our sleeves.

The above suggestions are not exhaustive, but the bare minimum of avoiding spreading viruses period, no matter what time of year. They should be second nature to everyone who lives in a country of plenty, where soap and water, even hand sanitizer, are a certain availability and a definite reality.

For those who believe and trust in natural remedies, I suggest taking regular doses of the echinacea herb at the first sign of a sore throat or flu like symptoms, continuing doses until symptoms are gone. When purchasing echinacea, it’s the consumer’s responsibility to verify the herb’s ingredient authenticity. So do your research!

From personal experience, and, again, obviously do not take my word for it, echinacea, which is related to the daisy flower for those who may be allergic, should only be taken for the duration of illness not on a daily basis, no matter what label directions state. It’s like a natural antibiotic, and immunity to the herb will result if taken daily. Echinacea works best at the first sign of flu type symptoms, but it may still be worthwhile to take it regularly during illness even if it’s too late to thwart off the flu, because it can help lessen the worst of flu symptoms.

Needless to say, echinacea is not some magic herb, but I swear by it, and the people whom I’ve suggested try it, provided they’re not allergic to the daisy flower, have asserted they love how much the herb helps them stop flu illness in its tracks, cut down on sick time and the misery of feeling like crap. 😊

Please keep in mind, echinacea doesn’t always stop symptoms in time, and sometimes nature must take its course. Obviously, your guess is as good as mine, as to whether or not echinacea will be at all helpful combating COVID-19.

The fact is that most professionals in the medical field hail the pharmaceutical companies, as many have conflicting financial interests in the so-called legitimate drug industry.

Allegedly a COVID-19 vaccine is in the works, and Israel claims its development is close. Clearly, this means that medical professionals know what the coronavirus is all about. How else can they create a vaccine?

Time will tell if we, mere mortals, will ever know the truth. In the meantime, peace and best wishes to our health.

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