The lesser of two evils: Michelle Obama speaks convincingly to America about “empathy” & “cold hard truth” – a trait & honesty alien to warmongers Barack Obama & Donald Trump

“The only thing that can truly set us free…The cold hard truth.” – verbatim from Michelle Obama…She seems sincere in everything she says here, and it is exactly what the people of the US need to hear.

However, her words would have a lot more weight, and leave no doubt as to their sincerity, if her husband, Barack Obama, came clean with “the cold hard truth” about his heinously ordered, sanctioned & executed war crimes and crimes against humanity during his entire presidency, his unprecedented capitulation to Israel’s demands to receive “military aid” of $3.8 billion annually with US taxpayers’ money to wreak relentless havoc & murder in Palestine and throughout the Middle East, and, last but definitely not least, his lack of “empathy”, due care, and policy enforcement of equality, justice and economic/socioeconomic equality/justice for #BlackLivesMatter and all minority groups living in the US.

His betrayal and treatment of asylum seekers, refugees and South/Central American, including Mexican, immigrants/migrants was not quite as appalling as Trump’s but just as indefensible and inexcusable.

Obama did nothing to end the racism and unforgiveable hatred against Black Americans, who have made up the astronomical unjustified prison population in the US since time immemorial. 

Most may not admit it, but Black Americans voted for Obama, as their first ever Black president, not only because he is one of them as one who shares their history, but they sincerely believed he would fight and stand up for the righteous justice and equality denied Black Americans since their descendants were hunted like animals in Africa and the Caribbean, thrown onto filthy slave ships like sardines, separated from their families and loved ones, and sold like sacks of flour to other human beings to be tortured, abused, raped, impregnated and dehumanized by being thought of as having less value than the lives of barn animals and treated worse than White folks abusing their pet animals.

Indisputable, Barack Obama betrayed the Black American population as every other president in US history, including Lincoln. And Barack Obama is without question a War Criminal.

Irrefutable, Donald Trump et al must go, but Biden/Harris, educated, smart and cunning, as well as corrupt, politicians they are, are disappointingly only the lesser of two evils.

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