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The importance of disseminating truth can never be overestimated. In fact in our narcissistic, materialistic, technocratic, warmongering and neoliberal world, it’s more urgent than ever, if we don’t want to lose our humanity. That which made us in the image of God.
‘Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem’ – ‘In the name of God, the Merciful, the Beneficent.’

It’s simultaneously disheartening and heartening to read these crucial and compelling articles that mince no words exposing the fact that, disappointingly and sadly since the Prophet’s death, the Ummah have allowed themselves to be manipulated through relentless fear, and promises of coveted rewards, to betray their brothers and sisters, by totalitarian oppressors, who exploited human greed and inundated persistent human fear thousands of years ago as they do to this day, to deviate from the Hadith, which was as fundamental, as divine, to complement the Quran, God’s words and messages to us, over two thousand years ago as it is today.

Reading and reciting the Quran and praying five times a day, a faithful righteous Muslim does not make. It’s mere superficial posturing if it is not followed up and backed up in actions by the righteous beliefs, sayings and messages of the Prophet painstakingly memorialised for the Ummah, for humanity, in the Hadith.

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Scholars that led revolutions |  Ahmed Hammuda | ISLAM21C | 3 Aug 2020

It has become almost impossible to come across those who claim adherence to Ahl al-Hadīth today who are actually so. You find those who claim to do so particularly submissive to their rulers, issuing legal verdicts (fatāwa) in their favour and prohibiting going against them even by mere speech. Some have gone to the extent of becoming informants against those who express opposition to their rulers, until they become imprisoned and castigated. The question is, was Ahl al-Hadīth of old on this methodology of praise and flattery towards their rulers, even if the latter were oppressive and depraved? Is it classically accepted and truly the case that our rulers are justified “even if they fornicate for half an hour live on television everyday” as one of these submissive people recently claimed?

The never-ending wonders…

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