POLITICAL ANALYSIS: Boris Johnson is out. But his ugly brand of politics will go on!

Absolutely agree with Peter Oborne’s analysis of what the British public can expect. Ultimately nothing will change for the welfare and support of the people. The UK government is not, and never was, ruled by and for its people.

The UK will most certainly not turn the page on its ugly racist islamophobic and xenophobic policies. There will be no end to the egregiously overreaching bills in the process of being pushed into “laws” intended to eradicate #HumanRights and targeted to criminalize our fundamental #HumanRights. Because it is the imperial white plutocratic corporatocratic elitists, whose white privilege of superiority and deep pockets to purchase, bribe and blackmail any and all integrity of the Conservatives, who run the UK government.

There will be no-about-face on Brexit. Brexshit is the predominant motive to end adhering to the European Union’s foreign and domestic policies and crush all pretense of #democracy, shred inalienable #HumanRights and remorselessly join in US empire’s warmongering agenda as its imperial minion to aid and abet empire’s relentless #WarCrimes and #CrimesAgainstHumanity objectives domestically and globally for global domination.

As the British #HumanRights organisation Liberty concisely stated today: “The Government is in a state of disarray – but don’t let that fool you.
The personnel may be changing but the core of its agenda remains the same. It still aims to rip up our Human Rights Act by passing the disastrous Rights Removal Bill. It still wants to restrict our right to protest even further with the Public Order Bill.
The threat to our rights remains and we must stay vigilant.
A lot has changed in the last 48 hours, but Liberty’s mission hasn’t. We stand against the Government’s rights-destroying agenda.”

| truthaholics

Boris Johnson is out. But his ugly brand of politics will go on | Peter Oborne | MiddleEastEye | 7 July 2022

The next Tory leader will almost certainly pursue the same policies as Johnson

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson makes a statement outside 10 Downing Street in central London on July 7, 2022 (AFP)

There was relief and exultation today that Boris Johnson’s sordid premiership has ended.

Wholly understandable.

But I have sombre news for those who expect change. It’s most unlikely. The next Tory leader will almost certainly pursue the same policies as Johnson.

Johnson was brought down because of his greed, venality, abuse of power and habitual deceit 

On Brexit. On civil liberties. On the Human Rights Act. The same English nationalism and cheap, ugly, vicious populism.

Remember that Johnson was not brought down because of his policies. These were popular among Tory members, many of whom…

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