United Kingdom’s megalomaniacs declare #WarOnHumanRights

Disappointed? Nah. It’s a given of human selfishness. Beyond devastated? Beyond heartbroken? Positively boiling with OUTRAGE? Yes, yes and YES! We should have been united in solidarity to never let these unspeakable betrayals come to pass.

No pretending pretense. The fallen Empire of Colonialism is within the realm of authoritarian fascism. Joining forces with all the “#democractic” nations that never were. The totalitarian #NationalityandBordersBill & #PolicingBill lead the way to ensure the #OnlineSafetyBill completes the annihilation of our fundamental #HumanRights. Once this passes, the only way back will be through unimaginable cost to human life & planet.

United Kingdom certainly created the Frankenstein monsters with these two paragons of virtue running the government.

From #Brexshit to #Bullying to the unscrupulous privatization of the #NHS to #Covid19 to #Lockdowns to overreaching #PolicePowers to #Cronyism to the endless sagas of infamous & scandalous #Partygate. To the lies and more lies.

Boris Johnson and Priti Patel have no honour, no human decency. Much less respect, empathy and compassion for any human. They are incapable of humanity.

Now they’ve got power, they’re addicted. They want it all. This psychopath and this sociopath will not rest until they have turned every fundamental #HumanRight to dust and taken the UK back centuries.

Except now it will be the authoritarian world of technocratic dystopia of mass-#surveillance, #censorship and #criminalization. Whatever pretense of #democracy existed, it’s done. Over. And out.

It’s blatantly clear that the House of Lords and MPs from all sides of Parliament were either threatened, pressured or always intended to lead their constituents down the proverbial garden path regarding the two most notoriously dystopian and unscrupulous bills in contemporary British history.

The most reprehensible failure to stop the #NationalityandBordersBill and #PolicingBill from becoming laws. The most appalling failure by the pillars of their communities to serve their constituents and ensure their fundamental #CivilRights and #HumanRights are forever inalienable. For All.

Next up the #OnlineSafetyBill. To criminalize #FreedomOfSpeech and #FreedomofthePress. To silence every one demanding accountability from this government. To curtail and censor what information the public is permitted to see, read and communicate online.

In view of what MPs have allowed to be crushed in fundamental #HumanRights, the #OnlineSafetyBill is a mere formality.

The world wide web of international brotherhood and solidarity is history. Social media platforms are on their way to becoming massive cyberspace graveyards.

We are sheeple and the plutocratic elites have ensured we are silenced. By annihilation of our fundamental #HumanRights, the corporatocratic capitalists have affirmed their freedom to invade, colonize, plunder and destroy our planet and all life on earth.

At the most critical and crucial age for humanity to be united to save our planet, they’ve ensured that the people are divided and destabilized. They’ve ensured the hate, racism, Islamophobia and Xenophobia continue to be incited and inflamed.

They’ve ensured that all aspects of individual autonomy and personal agency are eliminated by putting into place these egregiously hateful inhuman laws. Plus they’ve deliberately removed the age-old cash-system, so the poor will have no means of purchase, and those with bank accounts will be threatened, forced to squirm and have their monies and credit frozen if they don’t toe the line.

It’s a win-win for the sadistic scourge of elitism confirming their power and greed against humanity and our planet.

It’s always been them and us. But the pretentious pipe dream of one for all and all for one is truly finished. The elitists are done pretending. They’ve openly declared #WarOnHumanRights.

In the United Kingdom the maliciously aggressive Bully and her sociopathic megalomaniac are leading the way of no return for the planet and humanity.

In solidarity. ✌️

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