Masters of Mass Destruction

They scheme.

They fabricate.

They infiltrate.

They lie.

They corrupt.

They terrorize.

They manipulate.

They threaten.

They exploit.

They accuse.

They vilify.

They ambush.

They invade.

They obliterate.

They raid.

They murder.

They eradicate.

They conquer.

They occupy.

They oppress.

They suppress.

They enslave.

They pillage, plunder and defraud.

They scorn human rights.

They repudiate civil rights.

They flout rule of law.

They control.

They rule.

They are dominance.

They are dystopia.

They are tyranny.

They are war.

They are genocide.

They are war crimes.

They are crimes against humanity.

They are ethnic cleansing.

They are refugee crisis.

They are crimes against children.

They are climate crisis.

They are plutocracy and corporatocracy.

They are greed and power.

They are treachery and betrayal.

They are abuse of power.

They are masters of hypocrisy and duplicity.

They are masters of annihilation.

They are masters of impunity.

In the name of ‘national security’ and ‘war on terror’,

They are ‘Democracy’.

They are masters of mass destruction.


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