Words are cheap: Palestine abandoned by international leaders for over 73 years

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Maybe it was the word “shit” or maybe the comment was too long or maybe YouTube just didn’t appreciate the truth. Whatever the reason, and it’s certainly not for the first time, the comment below for this TRT World video refused to publish. However, until online surveillance suppresses this blog, might as well use it as a comment section:

Yet, most, if not all, of these nations have stood by and done absolutely nothing to help end the terrorist criminal apartheid regime called “Israel” for the past 73 years. The systematic ethnic cleansing of Palestinians goes back to the Sykes-Picot Agreement 1916. It was followed by the British Balfour Declaration 1917, initiating the Zionists’ illegal entitlement to invade Palestine in 1947, creating the relentless unending Nakba Palestinians live in 24/7 for the past 73 years.

As a matter of fact, a number of these nations “condemning” Israel’s unprecedented violence and…

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War Crimes & Crimes Against Humanity executed in OUR NAMES: WE, Humanity, DEMAND JULIAN ASSANGE’s FREEDOM by 4th Jan 2021!

Our governments have exploited the farce and brutality of the "war on terror" not only to regime change, invade, conquer and colonize nations of rich natural resources, but to keep us, their citizens, inundated in a permanent state of fear and terror.

#QuestionIt: 3 Logical Fact-Based Issues To Consider Before Getting The #COVID-19 #Vaccine!

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| Waking Times | 21 Dec 2020

While the media resorts to accusing people of being “anti-vaxxers,” for not wanting to take a fast-tracked coronavirus vaccine, and some have gone so far as to even associate dissenters with being “anti-Semitic,” there are actually 3 very logical fact-based reasons why we should question the safety of a coronavirus vaccine.

1) History Shows That Fast Tracking a Vaccine Can Be Dangerous & Even Deadly

Multiple experts, including those who themselves actually administer vaccines, agree that fast-tracking a vaccine can be very dangerous.

According to immunologist and deputy editor of the journalScience Advances,Dr. Douglas J. Green, fast-tracking a vaccine could potentially be “catastrophic” and should not be rushed. He cites an example from 1966, in which two children actually died from…

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Inconceivable envy, malice and egocentric fear of arrest – Dr Amjad Mohammed Khan set up ex-wife Dr Aafia Siddiqui’s abduction 31 March 2003

There were actually more public signs that Khan (who bitterly denounced his former wife earlier this year (ie 2010) as a violent jihadist) was associated with radical Islam than Aafia.

The lesser of two evils: Michelle Obama speaks convincingly to America about “empathy” & “cold hard truth” – a trait & honesty alien to warmongers Barack Obama & Donald Trump

Indisputable, Barack Obama betrayed the Black American population as every other president in US history, including Lincoln. And Barack Obama is without question a War Criminal.

#Dictators #Truth2Power vs #Scholars4Dollars: #Scholars that led #Revolutions! #SunnahOfLeadership

The importance of disseminating truth can never be overestimated. In fact in our narcissistic, materialistic, technocratic, warmongering and neoliberal world, it’s more urgent than ever, if we don’t want to lose our humanity. That which made us in the image of God.
‘Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem’ – ‘In the name of God, the Merciful, the Beneficent.’

It’s simultaneously disheartening and heartening to read these crucial and compelling articles that mince no words exposing the fact that, disappointingly and sadly since the Prophet’s death, the Ummah have allowed themselves to be manipulated through relentless fear, and promises of coveted rewards, to betray their brothers and sisters, by totalitarian oppressors, who exploited human greed and inundated persistent human fear thousands of years ago as they do to this day, to deviate from the Hadith, which was as fundamental, as divine, to complement the Quran, God’s words and messages to us, over two thousand years ago as it is today.

Reading and reciting the Quran and praying five times a day, a faithful righteous Muslim does not make. It’s mere superficial posturing if it is not followed up and backed up in actions by the righteous beliefs, sayings and messages of the Prophet painstakingly memorialised for the Ummah, for humanity, in the Hadith.

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Scholars that led revolutions |  Ahmed Hammuda | ISLAM21C | 3 Aug 2020

It has become almost impossible to come across those who claim adherence to Ahl al-Hadīth today who are actually so. You find those who claim to do so particularly submissive to their rulers, issuing legal verdicts (fatāwa) in their favour and prohibiting going against them even by mere speech. Some have gone to the extent of becoming informants against those who express opposition to their rulers, until they become imprisoned and castigated. The question is, was Ahl al-Hadīth of old on this methodology of praise and flattery towards their rulers, even if the latter were oppressive and depraved? Is it classically accepted and truly the case that our rulers are justified “even if they fornicate for half an hour live on television everyday” as one of these submissive people recently claimed?

The never-ending wonders…

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Boundary Disputes: A Quick-Fire Guide to Law and Practice + Boundary Disputes Protocol

First-rate information always crucial and necessary. Especially in the ever-increasingly hostile environments of relentless territorial disputes. Whether concerning large or small territories or privately owned lands/property, the context and legal aspects, within domestic, as well as international, laws, are relative, recognizable and adaptable globally to any and all boundary/border disputes.

North West Legal Associates Ltd

Boundary Disputes: A Quick-Fire Guide to Law and Practice| Jamal Demachkie | Hardwicke Chambers | 12th February 2020
Boundary Disputes: A Quick-Fire Guide to Law and Practice

Much like the equator, the tropics, or the UK’s “red-lines” in Brexit negotiations, a boundary is just another imaginary line. In this case a two-dimensional one separating two or more properties. It does not exist in any physical form, yet it has the ability to render perfectly rational neighbours senseless.

Stories are legion of neighbours falling out and incurring tens of thousands of pounds of legal costs arguing over this imaginary line. Sometimes the encroachments are substantial; more often than not, however, the trespass is entirely disproportionate to the value of the land. And even after the parties have their day in court, the matter often does not end there. Frequently, the decision taken by a judge leaves neither side happy; it may have ramifications over future ownership of boundary features…

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US Attorney General William Barr: Life, Righteousness & Justice before War Profits! Abolish Nukes!

On the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., 4th April 2018, seven Catholic plowshares activists entered Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in St. Mary’s, Georgia. They went to make real the prophet Isaiah’s command to “beat swords into plowshares."

Nameless, faceless, abandoned for 13-years: Letter from Guantánamo, April 2020

'We are nameless, faceless and are reduced to a "serial number" as if we were a hardware and no longer humans. I am Asadullah Haroon, an Afghan citizen from Nangarhar. My wife waits every year for the news that her husband comes home. My infant baby, Mariam, is now a teenager.'